Mickey Mouse Brings Disney Magic to Eiffel Tower as Disneyland Paris Continues 30th Anniversary Celebration

Mickey Mouse brought some Disney magic to the Eiffel Tower during the continued celebration of Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary. Mickey Mouse performed a magic trick and then lit up the Eiffel Tower in a way that only Disney magic could last month.

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This marked the first time that the Eiffel Tower was lit up in the iridescent colors of the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris. This was part of a unique sound and light show that was made specifically for this occasion. The monument came to life during this magical moment that was part of a surprise for 30 guests with deep connections with the rest. Cast members that have worked Disneyland Paris since opening day, Disney VoluntEARS, fans, and loyal guests were all given the exclusive opportunity to see this show bring the Eiffel Tower to life.

The 30 special guests were treated to an incredible night. The evening started at Disneyland Paris where they were served dinner at Walt’s. This was followed by a viewing of Disney D-Light before boarding a bus that would take them to what was then an unknown location.

Once at the Eiffel Tower, the honored guests were welcomed by Minnie Mouse. They were then brought to the viewing area where Mickey was the Master of Ceremonies for this beautiful show that lit up the Trocadero gardens in front of the tower. The show utilized more than 370 lights and ended with a grand finale where Mickey Mouse lit up the Eiffel Tower with the colors of the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Cast Member Christiane shared that she had seen “an extraordinary show with the Eiffel Tower lit up in the colors of Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary.” “In 33 years of business, I have never seen such an extraordinary show!” said Binta, fellow Cast Member and Disney VoluntEAR, who said that this show was “beyond what I could have imagined.” Stéphane, another Cast Member and Disney VoluntEAR, said he was “overwhelmed with emotion when Mickey lit up the Eiffel Tower.”

The event celebrated the 30 years of strong friendship that has grown between France, Paris, and Disneyland Paris. It also showed how Disneyland Paris continues to exceed guests’ expectations with its magical shows, and how it has been doing that for 30 years. This particular show topped them all with the illumination of France’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

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