Disneyland’s Tarzan Treehouse to be Reimagined

Disneyland’s Tarzan Treehouse is about to get a new theme and new backstory. Disneyland officials have confirmed that Tarzan’s days in the former Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse are over. The 80-foot-tall tree is man-made and originally opened in 1963.

While Tarzan’s theme will be going away, the treehouse won’t. When the attraction reopens it will have a new theme and backstory that hasn’t been announced yet. It is unknown when the attraction will reopen. There will be quite a lot of changes happening beyond the theme update as well. The entrance to Tarzan’s Treehouse will be demolished.

The massive tree in Adventureland weighs 150 tons and is covered with 300,000 vinyl leaves. It also has its own species name, the Disneydendron semperflorens grandis.

What do you think of Tarzan’s Treehouse getting reimagined? What do you think it should be rethemed to? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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