FIRST LOOK: Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland

The Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland officially opens on November 10th, with a Magic Key preview the day before. Ahead of the opening of this icon in Adventureland, Disneyland Resort has shared a video and photos of this renovated treehouse. The treehouse has some new magical features, including an animatronic ostrich and also some wonderful call backs to when it was the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, including the organ playing that classic theme.

Take a look below at the video of the Adventureland Treehouse and see mother’s music den, sons’ nature room and daughter’s astronomer’s loft up in the tree. On the ground there is the kitchen, dining room, and also father’s art studio. This is a fresh take on a classic attraction that will inspire and delight the next generation of Disneyland fans.

The Adventureland Treehouse originally opened as The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disneyland in 1962. It brought the story that was seen on screen in Swiss Family Robinson to life in the park. Generations of park-goers would enjoy climbing up into the tree and experiencing this iconic attraction. In 1999, the attraction was closed to make way for Tarzan’s Treehouse. This attraction was similar but different and focused on the story of the Walt Disney Animation Studios feature Tarzan. In 2022, Disney announced that the treehouse would be undergoing another transformation to become the Adventureland Treehouse.

What do you think of the Adventureland Treehouse? Are you looking forward to experiencing it when it officially opens on November 10th? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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