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Tami Garcia, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Shares Letter With Potential Hires

Tami Garcia, the Senior Vice President or Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products has written a public letter to potential Disney hires. In it, she shares the benefits and reasons to explore some of the opportunities of working for Disney. Read the full letter below:

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, sailed on a Disney cruise ship or stayed in a Disney hotel, then you know that our cast members are the key to our magic. Known for lending their diverse talents, bringing our stories to life and creating special moments for guests around the world, they are the magic makers and the keepers of the legacy of our founder, Walt Disney.

We’ve been excited and grateful to welcome them back as our parks and resorts have reopened. Many more will don an iconic nametag for the first time as we hire thousands of additional roles – from housekeeping and culinary positions to product designers and technologists – to support our incredible comeback.

Disney is wonderful as a first job or a long career…for exploring new paths with endless possibilities. I guess it’s no surprise that many of our longtime cast members are celebrating twenty, thirty, and even fifty years of service with us in 2022. I can’t wait to honor them for all that they have done and imagine what they’ll continue to do for many years to come.

Are you looking for your next chapter? Here are just some of the reasons why you should explore the opportunities with Disney Parks in the U.S.

1. We care for our cast with a leading employment package.

Just as our cast members care for our guests, our company cares for our cast members. It starts with competitive wages, cast member benefits and extensive resources for our employees to care for themselves and their loved ones. To name just a few:

  • We pay 75% of the cost of health premiums and offer a selection of high-quality healthcare plans for eligible Cast, starting as low as $7 a week for individuals in Southern CA.
  • Eligible cast members have access to additional benefits for every life stage, such as fertility and adoption services, parental leave options, and additional family support resources (e.g. legal assistance, caregiving, and financial wellness among others).
  • Eligible cast members have access to onsite and/or community-based, low-cost and backup childcare options.

We listen to our cast and evaluate adding new benefits and options for their emotional, physical, and financial wellness. To learn more about these offerings, visit the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products website.

2. Disney is a great place to learn and grow.

We believe in our cast and support them as they pursue their passions, expand their skillsets and grow their careers. From internships and entry-level positions to kickstart a great career, to creative, technical, and leadership roles, we offer cast members the opportunity to find the path that is right for them. And with the groundbreaking Disney Aspire education program, eligible hourly U.S.-based employees can pursue education and degree opportunities across a network of schools, with 100% of tuition covered upfront by Disney. We’ve celebrated with our cast members as they have expanded their language skills, worked towards promotions, learned a new trade and even grown beyond their Disney careers, pursuing new opportunities in the communities we call home.

Learn more about how Disney programs like Aspire help pave the way to greater opportunity.

3. Together, we support our communities and give back to our neighbors.

Our cast members, crew members, employees and Imagineers also help us make magic for the communities we call home, contributing thousands of hours of volunteer service each year to causes they care about. We work together to be a force for good in our communities, creating hope and inspiration and helping to address some of the challenges that impact the places where we live and work, like food insecurity and workforce development.

Explore how we make a difference together

4. There’s special magic just for cast members.

Cast members across Disney Parks, Experiences and Products are invited to participate in uniquely Disney activities as they build a sense of community and create lifelong friendships with their fellow cast members. From yoga in the parks to team events like annual canoe races and trivia challenges, we bring cast members together to meet new friends, share interests and have fun together. Cast members also enjoy exclusive sneak peeks for brand-new experiences and opportunities to share the magic with their friends and family.

Find out more about how we make magic for cast members.

These are just a few of the ways we care for our cast and partner with them to do good for our communities. We’re always looking for new talent to be a part of the magic! If you’re looking for your next opportunity – and are interested in joining Disney as a cast member, crew member, employee or Imagineer – I hope you’ll visit Disney Careers and imagine the possibilities.

Tami Garcia
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products


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