Tokyo Disney Resort Introduces New Disney Ambassador

This weekend Tokyo Disney Resort introduced its newest Disney Ambassador. Mika Ogasawara will be Tokyo Disney Resort’s 36th ambassador. She was selected from a group of more than 200 cast members, all vying for the position.

“When my name was called, I thought I was dreaming. And then I became happy, and was filled with gratitude for everyone who had supported me,” Mika Ogasawara said. Her job as a Disney Ambassador will be to represent the cast members of Tokyo Disney Resort as their official cast member representative. She will share Disney dreams and stories of the cast with people globally.

Mika has been a Tokyo Disney Resort cast member for over three years. She currently works at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and will have training for the next three emonths. She will begin her term as a Disney Ambassador on January 1, 2022. This will have her become a part of this Tokyo Disney Resort tradition that began in 1983 when the very first Disney Ambassador of Tokyo Disneyland was chosen. Mika shared her excitement to get started in the new role saying, “I would like to share with people around the world the dreams and happiness of Tokyo Disney Resort. I also aspire to become the Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador who is admired by many people.” 

Disney Parks around the globe have been unveiling their new Disney Ambassadors in the last couple of months. Congratulations to all of the new and future Disney Ambassadors!