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Welcome to the DISNEY Reporter! Each week we share the top five stories from the world of Disney and geek. This week there were no shortages of stories.

First off, Disney is requiring non-union and salaried employees to get vaccinated. The company is also in discussions with union leaders about how this can be implemented there as well. This comes as face masks are again being required indoors and on transportation at domestic Disney theme parks.

In movie news, Disney’s Jungle Cruise is now in theaters and DAPS MAGIC has a review up about the movie. What did you think of it? Also in move news, Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney over a breach of contract due to Black Widow being released concurrently in theaters and on Disney+ with premiere access. Disney has responded swiftly and strongly. Finally, there is a new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer that leans into the future of the franchise while also drawing from the past. What did you think of it?

Those are the top five stories for this week’s DISNEY Reporter! What do you think is the top one of the week? Share your thoughts and opinions about these stories and this week’s edition in the comments below! We’ll see you in the parks!

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