Secrets of the Whales – Mr. DAPs Review

On Earth Day, Disney+ will release a new National Geographic series called Secrets of the Whales. This four part series take a look at the life of whales. In particular it takes a look at the life of orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals and sperm whales. This documentary series was filmed over the course of three years in 24 different locations. It is narrated by Sigourney Weaver and produced by James Cameron. Secrets of the Whales takes a deeper look at whales than one would expect!


There are multiple stories being told throughout Secrets of the Whales. These stories have much more depth than one would expect. I, for one, was expecting a variation on the Disneynature films. However, this program has much more of a documentary approach. While there are stories about specific species and animals (that even have names), it also gives a lot more detail about the different stories. As I progressed through the series, I found myself taking mental notes about the random factoids I was learning about different whales. I also found myself looking forward to re-watching the series and picking up on more of the details about the different whales as well. In particular, I was fascinated to learn about the languages and cultures that different whales have. It was fascinating to learn how some whale species span the globe and are separated by thousands of miles but also connected in ways that I never imagined!


Secrets of the Whales is a beautiful series to watch. Multiple times as I watched I found myself simply enjoying the beautiful scenery and the beauty the whales added to it. There wasn’t one episode that wasn’t beautiful. It also was clearly shot with very high quality cameras, and this just added to the beauty of the series. Along with being a beautiful series to watch, it also was pleasing to listen. The songs of whales are utilized throughout the series and that was both beautiful and awesome. It also has a very nice soundtrack accompanying the series. Finally, Sigourney Weaver’s narration fit quite naturally with everything else that was going on. All in all, this is a series that is beautiful to watch and wonderful to listen to!

Final Thoughts

Secrets of the Whales is a wonderful docuseries that is both informative and enjoyable. It is all together fitting that it would be released on Disney+ on Earth Day. It is a series that shows the reality of nature in a way that the whole family can enjoy together. The stories told are beautiful. The narration is enjoyable. The accompanying music is pretty. The picture and audio could be lovely just to watch by themselves. Take some time to get a deeper look at our beautiful Earth with this series and learn some more about these beautiful animals as you celebrate this Earth Day! You won’t regret it! This docuseries easily gets a hat tip from me!

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