Raya and the Last Dragon Debuts at $26.2 Million Globally at the Box Office

Disney’s newest animated feature, Raya and the Last Dragon garnered $26.2 million globally at the box office on its opening weekend. The film, which was also released with Premiere Access for $30 on Disney+, brought in $8.6 domestically in North America. Disney hasn’t released figures on what it earned for Premiere Access on Disney+, its streaming service. According to Boxoffice Pro, the film was expected to generate $!2 million domestically over the weekend.

Raya and the Last Dragon was released as many theaters in the United States continue to remain closed or at a very limited capacity. As of this weekend, about 45% of theaters are open in the United States. It is unknown at this time if or when moviegoers will return to theaters. Recently, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that theatrical windows could change for Disney films due to changes in consumer habits. Because of Chapek’s statements and Disney releasing the film simultaneously on Disney+, Cinemark did not release the film in its theaters. Raya and the Last Dragon will see an extended run in theaters to give it a chance to be seen by more viewers on the big screen as more theaters reopen.

The film is about a divided nation of Kumandra that is besieged by monsters known as the Druun. Where once dragons and humans lived side by side in harmony, that no longer exists. Instead, a young girl named Raya is tasked with saving Kumandra from the Druun by tracking down the last dragon and defeating the Druun.

What do you think about Raya and the Last Dragon’s box office numbers? What did you think of the movie? Did you see it? If so, where did you watch it? Share your thoughts, comments, and experiences in the comments below! Also, read DAPS MAGIC’s review of the film as well!



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