DisneylandForward Shares Ideas for A New Kind of Disney Entertainment Destination at the Disneyland Resort

DisneylandForward is a new initiative put forward by the Disneyland Resort to expand the usage of the land already owned by Disney in Anaheim. With this proposal, Anaheim could change some current zoning restrictions to allow the Disneyland Resort to grow and attract more guests to the Anaheim area in the coming years. This initiative includes ideas for parks expansions with new lands and attractions, parking, hotels, and entertainment.

One part of the proposal focuses on “A New King of Disney Entertainment Destination.” This new Disney entertainment destination would be found where the current Toy Story lot is. This is right across Katella Ave from the current Garden Walk, which is not owned by Disney. The map shown below gives a look at where this new Disney entertainment destination is located along Harbor Blvd and Katella Ave. It also shows what Downtown Disney District’s footprint could end up looking like.

According to the DisneylandForward website, the property could potentially include restaurants, hotels, live music, shopping, ticketed shows, and even theme park experiences. The inspiration for this area would Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

Concept art for this location appears to show the entertainment district surrounding a lake in the center. It appears to include shops and hotels. There would also be parking as can be seen in the yellow section of the map shown above. The concept art does give off a Disney Springs vibe.

While details are light on the proposal for the entertainment destination at the current Toy Story Parking Lot, what is seen seems to be like an enjoyable place to visit when the inspiration of Disney Springs is taken into consideration. Other concept art shown on the proposal shows a restaurant that looks like Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. Themed restaurants like this would make a lot of sense for this location.

In the proposal, not much was said about the Downtown Disney District. However, expect more details to be released if this proposal moves forward.

It should be noted that at this point DisneylandForward isn’t presenting any firm plans. It is presenting possibilities for what could come to the Disneyland Resort. There are a lot of variables that will need to be weighed by both Disney and the city of Anaheim that will determine how this proposal moves forward. If it does move forward, expect this to be a constant source of discussion, rumors, and news in the coming years. DAPS MAGIC will continue to report on the news moving forward as it becomes available.

What do you think about the potential for a Disney entertainment district at the Disneyland Resort inspired by Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort? What would you like to see there? Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the comments below!

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