No Parade This Year But Walt Disney World Super Bowl Commercial Tradition to Continue

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. With the big day comes a lot of exciting traditions. Some of these are certain snacks, others celebrate a certain, and for still others it is all about the commercials! One of the commercials that is a tradition for years now is Disney’s “I’m Going to Disney World!” While many things have changed in the last year due to COVID-19, this tradition will live on. This commercial will run despite there being no Super Bowl parade at the Magic Kingdom this year.

The commercial will run on major TV networks and social media right after the big game with the Super Bowl star player saying that iconic line. Disney is hoping that in future years it will be able to bring back other Super Bowl traditions next year and have a big celebration where football and Disney fans can come to Magic Kingdom and cheer on their favorite player in the park!

The first “I’m going to” Super Bowl commercial for Disney dates back 1987 and had New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms appearing in the commercial. This followed the Giants winning the Super Bowl. Since then, this tradition has continued with many great Super Bowl players saying “I’m going to Disney World!”

Are you excited for this commercial this year? Which year’s Disney commercial was your favorite? How are you celebrating safely this year in a COVID-19 world? After the big game, come back and share your favorite Super Bowl commercial with us!

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