The Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, now has a new option. With this new bundle, Hulu can now be viewed ad-free. This ad-free bundle prices at $18.99 per month and can be purchased on the Disney plus website.

This is a new option for The Disney Bundle which before only allowed Hulu to be viewed with ads. This bundle included Disney+, ESPN+, and the ad-supported version of Hulu for $12.99 per month. Currently, there is savings for both versions of The Disney Bundle. Individually Disney+ is currently $6.99 per month, ESPN+ is $5.99 per month, and ad-supported Hulu is $5.99 per month. The ad-free Hulu is $11.99 per month. This means the ad-supported version of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ with individual subscriptions is $18.97. The ad-free Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ with individual subscriptions is $24.97. In both scenarios, The Disney Bundle is cheaper than buying all three individually.

The Disney Bundle continues to be popular with all three streaming services continuing to add more content and with it, more subscribers. Currently, WandaVision is quite popular on Disney+. The Mandalorian also has been quite popular with fans as well. Hulu continues to add content daily with content and ESPN+ continues to be a go-to place for sports fans.

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