Disney California Adventure Has Subdued Celebration for 20th Anniversary

On February 8, 2001, Disney’s California Adventure opened its gates to guests for the first time. On February 8, 2021, Disney California Adventure celebrated its 20th anniversary. This celebration isn’t what most would have imagined a milestone like this to be. With the parks continuing to remain closed, Disney California Adventure’s 20th birthday came and went without a big fanfare, celebration, or special event. Instead, the date was celebrated with some quiet and meaningful nods to the second gate at the Disneyland Resort.

The park continues to remain closed with Buena Vista Street (which actually extends quite a bit further) open as an extension of Downtown Disney District. Throughout Downtown Disney District and Buena Vista Street, some merchandise celebrating the event could be found and purchased. Trolley Treats had a special candied apple for the day.

Over on Hollywood Blvd, some signs celebrated the date. One wished a happy birthday and others focused on the anniversary.

The Disney Parks Blog commemorated some of the magical adventures to be had through the years at Disney California Adventure. The winter edition of Disney twenty-three also celebrated the park.

Fans of the park made the trek to Buena Vista Street to be there and celebrate quietly among themselves. Some waited in lines and purchased merchandise, others food, while others shot photos and videos to document the day. Still, others arrived simply to be there and soak in the magic of being at a special place on a special day.

While this year’s anniversary of Disney California Adventure may not have been everything people would have imagined it being. There was still something very special in its subdued celebrations. The magic continues to live on even as guests wait for the gates of the parks to reopen. The adventure continues and there are many more magical adventures to look forward to at Disney California Adventure!


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