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Welcome to the DISNEY Reporter! Each week we highlight the top five headlines from Disney and geek news. This week the news spans the globe and beyond.

In parks news, we start off at Walt Disney World Resort. Festival of the Lion King is returning to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this summer. Over at Magic Kingdom, the Hall of Presidents is getting updated to include President Biden after his inauguration this week. Over at the Disneyland Resort, Star Wars Trading Post is finding a new home in the old home of the Rainforest Cafe. Finally, Disneyland Paris has delayed its reopening date again due to COVID-19.

The final story of the week is that The Muppet Show will be streaming soon on Disney+. Why is this a big story? Because all five seasons will be streaming! Previously only three had been released for home entertainment.

What do you think the top story of the week was? Share with us in the comments below! We look forward to seeing you in the parks!

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