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Disney Confirms President Biden to Be Added to Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents

Disney has confirmed that the likeness of President Biden will be added as an audio-animatronic in the Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents. This comes after Walt Disney World Resort’s website and app both showed the attraction as closed for refurbishment after Magic Kingdom closed on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. This coincided with the end of the Trump presidency and the beginning of the Biden presidency. The news of Biden’s addition to the attraction was confirmed to the Orlando Sentinal.

President Biden’s addition to the attraction continues a tradition of having the current President of the United States speak in the show that began with President Clinton. At this time, there is no known reopening day for the Hall of Presidents. When President Trump was added to the attraction in 2017, the attraction reopened with his likeness in December. During this refurbishment, additional lighting effects and an updated opening movie. It isn’t known how the show will change for this update.

What do you think of the continuation of the tradition of the sitting President of the United States joining this attraction? How would you like to see this attraction and show updated? Or would you rather it stayed the same? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


2 responses to “Disney Confirms President Biden to Be Added to Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents”

  1. If they wait long enough they might be able to add Biden and Harris.

  2. Merrinda Trindle Avatar
    Merrinda Trindle

    This “attraction” is showing the world the legacy of who the American people have elected to be president of our free country. There should be no reference made to political party or even to that “person’s” idealogy
    during or before or after they served in office. This represents history; be it in a good or bad reference. There is no way it can be changed. Disney has proven the popularity of this “attraction” by keeping it open for all of these years. Keep it the same & open it back up soon.

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