The Walt Disney Company Sets Sustainability Goals to Complete Before 2030

This morning, The Walt Disney Company released its sustainability and environmental goals to accomplish before the year 2030. Disney has recognized that it is its responsibility as a global company to help everyone in the world! They have set goals in five main areas which are Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Water, Waste, Materials and Sustainable Design.

Here are Disney’s sustainability goals for 2030:

  • achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for direct operations;
  • purchasing or producing 100% zero-carbon electricity for all direct operations;
  • collaborating with industry groups and investing in low carbon fuel innovation;
  • investing in natural climate solutions;
  • implementing site-specific watershed stewardship strategies at high-impact sites;
  • serving 100% environmentally responsible seafood at U.S. parks and resorts;
  • working to achieve zero waste to landfill for Disney’s wholly-owned and operated parks and resorts;
  • new construction projects to be designed to near net-zero, minimize water consumption, and support zero waste operations;
  • ensure all paper, wood, and palm oil used in Disney-branded packaging and products is from certified sustainable sources;
  • ensure all branded product textiles contain recycled or certified sustainably sourced content, or are made from lower-impact alternatives; and
  • reduce the Company’s plastics footprint across all businesses.

Of course, this will most likely lead to changes that guests can see at Disney parks and resorts around the world! We have already seen the slow of using plastic bags and straws around Disney Parks! I’m sure we will see these changes coming very soon when the parks fully reopen!

What do you think we will see change at Disney Parks and Resorts around the world? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think!


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