Jon Favreau Confirms Boba Fett Series

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Jon Favreau has confirmed that Boba Fett is getting his own series. For those who have no watched the final episode of The Mandalorian, don’t read on. For the rest or those who don’t care about spoilers, continue on below the break!

Boba Fett - The Mandalorian


The Book of Boba Fett will be the name of that Boba Fett series. It was teased at the end of credits for the last episode of season two of The Mandalorian. This led to some confusion on if this was giving the direction for the third season of The Mandalorian or if Boba Fett was indeed getting his own series. Adding to the confusion was the release date on Disney+ being December 2021, which was already previously announced as to when the third season of The Mandalorian would be arriving.

Jon Favreau, on Good Morning America on Monday, clarified the confusion. He shared that The Book of Boba Fett will be its own stand-alone spin-off series and not a replacement or next chapter for The Mandalorian. Temuera Morrison (Boba Fett) and Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand) will star in the series. Also, Robert Rodriguez (look up his episode in season two of The Mandalorian) will be an executive producer for the new show as well.

“We didn’t want to spoil the surprise during the big Kathleen Kennedy announcement of all the shows [during Investor Day earlier this month], so they let me keep this one a secret, ” Favreau said on Good Morning America. “So this is actually separate from The Mandalorian season 3. But what we didn’t say in that announcement is the next show coming up — what Kathy called ‘the next chapter’ — is going to be The Book of Boba Fett, and then we go into production right after that on The Mandalorian, back with the main character that we all know and love… pretty soon following that. There’s a lot of Star Wars content coming out, I think they announced 10 projects, I think this will be 11.”

Favreau again reiterated that all of their current spin-off series takes place in the timeline of The Mandalorian.

The title card for The Book of Boba was also released this morning via social media.

The full interview can be watched courtesy of Good Morning America here:

What do you think of Boba Fett getting his own series? What do you think about it being released on Disney+ around the same time as the third season of The Mandalorian? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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