The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra Not Set to Return to Walt Disney World

Grand Floridian Society

This year has seen a lot of loss at Disney Parks around the world. In the latest loss, The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra has permanently suspended performances and will not be returning to the hotel.

News of this came about when orchestra members posted on their unofficial Facebook page. The post noted that when they were brought back from their furlough, they were renamed and put in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. When they moved, they originally believed that they would be back to the Grand Floridian.

Two weeks ago, they got a notice from The Walt Disney Company that their show would be ending on Saturday, October 3. The orchestra has been playing together in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa for 32 years where they have gained many fans and friends over the years. There has been an overwhelming response from Disney communities online as they have shared memories and their disappointment over this loss.

You can read the whole post from The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra below.

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