Photo Report: Disneyland Paris During its Phased Reopening

Disneyland Paris continues its phased reopening since being closed due to COVID-19. A good friend of DAPS MAGIC Desirae recently visited Disneyland Paris and shared some photos and insight on what the experience is now like for those who visit.

As she was sharing the pictures, I asked her a few questions about the trip. Here are some highlights from our conversation from the DAPS MAGIC office to Desirae while she was experiencing Disneyland Paris.

How was Wearing a Mask All Day? 

Wearing a mask all day was horrible. I won’t lie, it was 100 degrees, and Paris doesn’t have the shade like home. We had to come back to the room to breathe. But it’s worth it to be here, so I think if you are smart, stay hydrated and listen to your body you’ll be fine.

They also make announcements every 30-45 min about keeping a mask on, keeping a meter apart, and washing your hands. And on Pirates, they yelled at people for taking their mask off lol.

What was it like getting on attractions?

Very organized and all rides have (divider) walls. Hand sanitizer is available at every entrance and exit. They are also loading every other row on rides.

Phantom Manor had tape and told us where to stand, and then in the elevator the same (it was too dark for a photo). But it was Interesting!!

What is eating there like now? 

More people during lunch but still not like it normally is. Dinner last night we had half the restaurant to ourselves. And all the menus are the scan kind.

Did you have any other observations? 

People tend to stand on the please do not stand as a pose to the cement. You’d think common sense but it’s not the case.
The trash can thing from earlier, they are all open so we do not have to touch them.

Desirae also shared that the parks were pretty much empty for their trip and that it reminded her of how it used to be. While the magic may be presented in a slightly different way now with the new safety protocols in place, the magic is still very much alive and well. Thank you so much Desirae for sharing your experience with us!


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