Homemade Disney Rides Made By Creative Families to Brighten Your Day

It is a difficult time both for park-goers and Cast Members.  However, some creative families and skippers have come up with wonderful ways to pass the time before the Disney parks reopen:

House Pirates of the Caribbean

This family has made a great rendition of the classic attraction.  One feature is making great use of a staircase to serve as the waterfall.  They even give the safety spiel before descending down.  There is even a member of the family playing ukelele in place of the iconic banjo in Disneyland’s version.

Haunted Smaller Mansion

To complete the New Orleans Square experience is a homemade version of Haunted Mansion.  This haunting rendition features a large number of props and costumes that makes me wonder if they create a Disney themed haunted house each Halloween.  Having it tweeted after the Pirates one makes me think that the creativity is growing…

Backyard Jungle Cruise

Skippers unite!!  Several captains of the punny boat ride have set sail to boundless jokes!  This video features skippers current and past giving their great spiels from the tropical voyage.  This is definitely a supercut of possible journeys since it offers multiple versions of some of the more infamous scenes as well as jokes that are unique to Disneyland and Walt Disney World respectively.  Though not quite a recreation of a ride-thru it certainly fits with the way the skippers recreate their puns with homemade items.

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It isn’t too easy to ease the time to stay at home, but it is a wonderful blessing to see the creativity coming through the Disney community.  It’s a bright spot as we wait for parks to open, and I hope they continue on after!  These are amazing setups that deserve a watch and applause!