Making Magic Happen – One Day at Disney – Episode One Review

Making Magic

Today, One Day at Disney launched on the Disney+ streaming service. The series follows members of The Walt Disney Company for one day and takes viewers all over the world. One of the greatest parts of the series is that it not only follows cast members that you see on stage but some that you may never see in your travels through Disney. In the feature-length documentary that kicked off the series, we witness many people making magic in many different ways.

This week’s feature follows the following cast members:

  • Bob Iger – CEO of The Walt Disney Company
  • Eric Goldberg – Animator at Walt Disney Studios
  • Mark Gonzales – Train Conductor at Disneyland
  • Robin Roberts – Anchor on Good Morning America
  • Jerome Ranft – Sculptor at Pixar Animation Studios
  • Ashley Girdich – Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Grace Lee – Senior Illustrator Manager at Disney Publishing
  • Eric Baker – Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Dr. Natalie MyIniczenka – Veterinarian at Walt Disney World
  • Zama Magudulela – Rafiki in “The Lion King”
  • Ryan Meinerding – Vp of Visual Development / Creative Director at Marvel Studios

The episode gives each person a chance to speak about what brought them to Disney and some of their favorite projects since they have joined the company. One of my favorite moments was when Ashley Girdich discussed Jake the Droid,  who we saw at Disneyland back in 2017.

I think the greatest thing about this series is that it gives cast members the chance to show off how much they love making magic for Disney. Whether it be through books or intricate theme park designs, each person featured loves what they do each and every day! Can’t get enough of the series on Disney+?  While we wait for the next episode to release, enjoy Mr. DAPS book review from the companion book to the series!

Have you enjoyed the first portion of this series yet? What was your favorite part? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think!

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