Mickey Mouse Stop-Motion

Mickey Mouse Stop-Motion Animated Shorts Coming to Disney Junior this Holiday Season

The holiday season is for friends, magic, and some mixed-up adventures! This holiday season, Mickey and the gang are coming to you in an exciting new way! These Mickey Mouse stop-motion shorts give a whole new meaning to the term “Holiday Magic” and give the whole family something to enjoy!

The shorts, which will begin airing on Saturday, November 30, will celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. These Mickey Mouse stop-motion animated shorts are a collaboration between Disney Junior and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and will feature some Easter Eggs for dedicated Disney fans. In the clip below, you’ll see the calendar on the wall has been left on 1983 and Mickey hasn’t been to the cabin in years! The cabin was last used in 1983 for A Disney Christmas Gift and also happens to be the year that Mickey’s Christmas Carol was released! Be sure to watch the clip below and see what else you can spot!

These shorts feature the voice talents of Bret Iwan, who has been making magic as the official voice of Mickey Mouse since 2009. At D23 Expo, we had a chance to see a few members of the gang in action at the 30th Anniversary of Disney Character Voices panel! Be sure to check out that video here and see some of the truly awesome sketches and stories they brought to fans!

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