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Christmas Trees Make Their Holiday Home Around Disneyland Resort

The holidays at Disneyland Resort are just around the corner! As the parks prep for the merry months, decorations and icons have begun to make their way into the park. This morning, our friend Steven made his way into the park and snapped some fun photos of a few Christmas trees that have made their holiday home inside Disneyland!

When you walk down Main Street, U.S.A, it’s pretty hard to miss the biggest icon of the holiday season! Overnight, the Christmas tree has appeared right on the corner. The vintage decorations are some of our favorites every year and we can’t wait to see what it looks like as the sun sets this evening! The twinkling lights always make it even more magical.

As you take in the sights of the grand tree, be sure to look around and appreciate the wreaths and poinsettias! Part of the magic of Disneyland is how quickly the landscaping can transform to fit the feeling of the new season or holiday.

If you stroll a little farther down Main Street, you can find a cute little tree inside Refreshment Corner! This tree, that sits just inside, is decked out with Coca-Cola ornaments. While this tree is smaller, it fits inside Refreshment Corner perfectly and it makes it feel so cozy!

Be sure to keep your eyes out as more trees go up around the Disneyland Resort! The holidays begin this Friday and we can’t wait to share all the magic with you!

We want to say another huge thank you to our friend Steven who loves the holidays as much as we do! Enjoy his photos on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to let him know that DAPS MAGIC sent you!


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