Sunday Recap Report – A Dapper Day of Fun!

It was another fun Sunday at Disneyland, and it was also Dapper Day! There were various styles of dapper – those dressed as they would come to Disneyland in the 1950s and 1960s, and those who were dapper bounding. That meant they were Disney Bounding and dressed dapper. It was quite fun to see the creativity and even simplicity of the various outfits.

I got to the Toy Story Parking Lot around 11:15am, and noticed the construction continuing for the new security and bus loading area. It’s coming along quite nicely. There is no opening date as of now, but it looks like it could be open and in use by the end of the year.

After I entered Disneyland, I saw that there was garland on Main Street Station! This is definitely exciting as the holidays officially begin Friday at the Disneyland Resort. As I headed through the entrance tunnel and onto Town Square and Main Street, garland was present on some of the buildings. Only the southern half and parts of the northern half of Main Street had garland.

I got a Mickey pretzel with cheese while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Then it was off to Disney Showcase to check out some of the holiday merchandise. As always, there is a wide variety of merchandise! There are fun shirts, including some focused on holiday treats and snacks. And of course, there are plenty of plush and other holiday items to add to your holiday collection!

As I was taking photos of merchandise at Disney Showcase, I spotted Mr. DAPs, Caitie, and Luke heading up Main Street. So I joined them, and we headed towards Market House for some drinks. I got an iced coffee as usual, and hopefully there will be a fun specialty holiday drink or two created for the Disney Parks Starbucks locations so I can try those!

We then headed to the back of the Castle for some photos. It was a beautiful day, and the sun was shining brightly. After some photos, we sat near Casey Jr. and Dumbo and people watched. We saw lots of fun and unique dapper outfits and dapper bounds as well. After a while, we headed to one of our favorite Sunday locations – Galaxy’s Edge! We didn’t stay too long there, but it was fun being there as always.

We then made our way to Disney California Adventure and sat at our favorite place – Sonoma Terrace. On our way there, we walked by the Festival of Holidays booths. They open Friday, but it was nice to see the booths. I know I’m ready to enjoy some favorites, and of course I’m ready to try the new dishes.

We again people watched, and this seemed like the best place to do it. We saw even more fun dapper outfits and dapper bounds. Some we had seen at Disneyland, but they seemed to stand our even more at DCA. We sat here for awhile before going to dinner. We had dinner at Pacific Wharf. Some got bread bowls from Pacific Wharf Cafe, while others got food from Lucky Fortune Cookery.

I got the beef bulgogi wrap with garlic flavored chips. It was okay as the beef tasted a bit dry towards the end of the wrap. Mr. DAPs got the teriyaki chicken plate. He wasn’t satisfied with the size of it as it was served in a plastic container rather than on plate like it was two months ago. We came to the conclusion that we prefer the old menu, and that Lucky Fortune Cookery is not so lucky after all. But the highlight of dinner was the beautiful sunset just after 5pm. The view from the Pacific Wharf were nice, but it was even better along Paradise Bay/Pixar Pier.

After dinner and sunset photos, we made our way to Cars Land for even more photos. Halloween decor is gone, and Christmas decor is yet to appear. We will definitely see it next week! It was just nice to see Cars Land ‘normal’ for a little while. After exploring Cars Land, we headed back to Disneyland. But along the way, there was some holiday decor on Buena Vista Street. Two windows had some decor, and Julius Katz’ window had Halloween and Christmas decor.

We were now at Disneyland, and we thought a ride on King Arthur Carousel would be a great way to enjoy Dapper Day. It definitely was, and then we decided to enjoy a nice Sunday night drive on Autopia. After getting off of Autopia, we realized that the attraction would be closed for refurbishment for approximately the next week and a half.

After Autopia, we headed to the Main Street Train Station and sat there for a while. Mr. DAPs and Caitie left around 8:15pm, and I headed to DCA to check out holiday merchandise there. I went into Five & Dime and saw even more merchandise that I didn’t see at Disney Showcase earlier in the day. There are plenty of plush, clothing, and holiday themed backpacks too! The popular Loungefly backpack was available for $75.00, while a Disney Santa Mickey backpack (not from Loungefly) was available for $90.00! So there is plenty of holiday merchandise for everyone!

After checking holiday merchandise, I headed across Buena Vista Street to Trolley Treats and Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream. The house made candy packaging has been changed. You can still get your favorite Disneyland candy, but it’s now packaged differently. And while checking out the candy, I mobile ordered ice cream. I got chocolate chip and strawberry! And here’s the interesting part about that: chocolate chip ice cream is not available at Gibson Girl at Disneyland! I sat at a table outside facing Carthay Circle. It was a nice and relaxing place to eat ice cream and people watch.

Around 9:30pm, I called it a night. It was a fun Sunday as always, and I’m even more excited about next week as the holidays officially begin on Friday! Until next week, have a great week!


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