Visit the Magic Kingdom and enter Liberty Square and in the middle, there is a beautiful tree. This tree, called the Liberty Tree, is a representation of the original Liberty Tree that was found in Boston, Massachusetts during the colonial era leading up to the Revolutionary War. Underneath the tree a plaque says:

The Liberty Tree

The original Liberty Tree, a stately elm, was a rallying point for pre-revolutionary activities. The open space under its branches was called “Liberty Hall” and a flag pole was erected through its branches with a hoisted flag the symbol for action.

Countless inflammatory cartoons and verses were nailed to its trunk and many Tories hun in effigy from its branches. Perhaps its proudest moment was the repeal of the Stamp Act when innumerable lanterns blazed among its branches for all to see.

The Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Tree has 13 lanterns hanging from its branches, representing the 13 colonies. It is over 100 years old and is a Live Oak. It was transplanted to its current location from a location about 8 miles away on the East side of Walt Disney World. The 38-ton tree was moved by landscaper Bill Evans by boring holes through the trunk and lifting the tree with steel rods through the center.

Historically, most towns had a Liberty Tree in them. This tree was generally a rallying point for local patriots. The original tree was an elm tree that stood in Boston near Boston Common. In 1765 it was the place where colonists staged their first act of defiance against the British. The tree would be cut down by Loyalist Nathaniel Coffin Jr. in August 1775.