The Liberty Belle Takes Repositioning Cruise Through Seven Seas Lagoon to Return to Rivers of America

The Liberty Belle has not been available the last few months for guests to sail around the Rivers of America. In October, the Rivers of America were drained and the Liberty Belle was sent to a dry dock behind the Magic Kingdom. Guests visiting Magic Kingdom recently noticed that the Rivers of America were again refilled with water. With that crucial step in place, it was time to bring the Liberty Belle back home.

To do this, the Liberty Belle had to go on a repositioning cruise through Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon as she made her way back to the Rivers of America. This journey took her all the way around Disney’s Contemporary Resort and then past the front of Magic Kingdom. She was then towed by hand through a narrow channel. Finally, divers reconnected the steamship to her underwater track and she returned to Liberty Square in time for guests to go on a half-mile cruise aboard her today.

Since October, hundreds of Cast Members have been working on the refurbishment of the Rivers of America. The main project was the replacement of the track for the Liberty Belle but there were plenty of other things to work on as well. This included updating rockwork, landscaping, and adding fresh paint to places that needed it in the area.

With the project now complete, the 47-foot steam-powered paddle wheeler can now take guests aboard for cruises around the Rivers of America. What do you think about the process of moving the Liberty Belle back to Liberty Square? How often do you ride the Liberty Belle when you visit Magic Kingdom? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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