Disney Skyliner Crashes

UPDATED: Disney Skyliner Crashes and Rescue Begins at Walt Disney World Resort

Tonight, the Disney Skyliner crashed at a station at Disney’s Riviera Resort. While Disney is reporting that no guests have been injured in this incident, many guests have been stuck for well over 90 minutes, with many suspended above Walt Disney World Resort. This photo below from Twitter shows the aftermath of the crash at the station.

While many guests have been stranded, they were given the okay from Disney to open the emergency kits that reside in every gondola. Here is a video that came from inside one of the gondolas that were involved in tonight’s incident. In this clip, we see the content including water, light sticks, and even cups.

The emergency evacuation has begun slowly but surely, with tweets beginning from around 10 P.M. local time. You can see photos from the fire department rescue below.

Some sources have reported that this incident has occurred due to a power failure but Disney has only reported that the Disney Skyliner has experienced “unexpected downtime”. It is unclear when the transportation system will be operating again but we know that Walt Disney World Resort will not resume operation unless it is cleared through many safety checks.

Our very own Mr. DAPS got a chance to ride on the Disney Skyliner on opening day. Be sure to check out his ride-through of the new resort transportation system below.

We here at DAPS MAGIC hope that everyone is back on the ground to safety soon and that every guest onboard remains unharmed. This is a developing story, so be sure to check back here for updates as we know more about the situation.

UPDATE 10/6/19: As of midnight on October 6th, most guests seemed to have been evacuated safely. Upon exiting their gondolas, guests were given park hopper passes and Disney gift cards to compensate for the hours they had spent stranded aboard Disney Skyliner.

Cast Members are posted outside each station today, redirecting guests to other modes of transportation throughout the resort. It is unclear when the Disney Skyliner will reopen to guests of Walt Disney World Resort, so the closure is currently being treated as indefinite.



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