Say Farewell to Soundsational with Some Special Trivia and Photos of One of Our Favorite Parades

Today, we say goodbye to a fan-favorite, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade. The upbeat parade featuring some of our favorite Disney songs has been a musical celebration in the parks since 2011. The young and the young at heart have enjoyed this parade over the years. From its music, characters, performers, and vibrant colors, it’s no wonder it has been a favorite entertainment offering to many. While we’ll miss seeing this parade on our usual jaunts to Disneyland, we’re excited to see what is to come for Disneyland Parades!

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We took to Instagram to create a quiz for our followers, and here are some of those fun facts about Mickey’s Soundsational Parade:

•Opened on May 27th, 2011.

•There are 9 sequences in this parade: Mickey & Pals, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Three Caballeros, Princesses, Simba and friends, The Princess and the Frog, Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins.

•The parade was designed by incredible duo Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily. You can see their art and pieces in the Disney gallery and available for purchase in stores around the resort. Steve Davidson approached them to design a parade in 2009. They created the 9 floats that have pretty much stayed the same over the last 8 years. Kevin and Jody also designed the Pull-Toy Mickey float, which was previously used in the parade, Happiness is Here at Tokyo Disney.

•On an average parade day, 28 characters from many beloved Disney films are featured.

•7 Disney Princesses can be seen in Soundsational: Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana.

•In 2013-2014, a pre-parade float with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf led the parade to coincide with the popularity of the hit film, Frozen.

What are you going to miss most about Mickey’s Soundsational Parade? 

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