Merchandise Moves Into Main Street Cinema at Disneyland

The Main Street Cinema is the home of multiple Mickey Mouse shorts. For years it has been a place where guests can go to get some fun classic entertainment and also some strong air conditioning. This morning there was more than just good air conditioning and Mickey shorts. Merchandise arrived at the Main Street Cinema as well.

Out in front of the Main Street Cinema, two cast members were posted along with a preview of some of the merchandise. They waved and welcome people who wanted to come to the Cinema. The curtains that usually block the entrance had been opened creating a more welcoming entrance. Once inside, patriotic merchandise could be found on several stands around the cinema. A temporary cash register was also set up.

It is unknown if this is a permanent change for the Main Street Cinema or a test. Guests trickled in and out throughout the day checking out the new setup. Check out the following video to see what the new setup in the Main Street Cinema looks like. What do you think of the changes?

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