Main Street Cinema

Main Street Cinema at Disneyland Resort Removes the Recently Added Merchandise From the Theater

Just last week, guests noticed that Main Street Cinema had undergone a major change. While the theater normally would have lots of space for guests, merchandise had moved into each corner of the location. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that the merchandise has moved out of this quiet hideaway!

Fans were definitely not delighted by the change when they noticed it last Friday. Disney officially announced that the move was a test to draw more guests into the beloved theater. As of today, Disneyland has moved in search of a new solution. The shirts and sweaters have been replaced with benches for guests to relax. We are sure that we will see minor tweaks to this solution as time goes on but we are glad to see guests enjoying the theater once again.

Be sure to check out our video below of the Main Street Cinema from Mickey’s 90th birthday. This was before anything was added to this quaint little theater, so you can see what it looked like before the changes.

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