A Tale of Three Attractions: Disneyland Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Monorail, Submarines, and Matterhorn

Today marks the 60th anniversary of three attractions at the Disneyland Resort. On June 14, 1959, Disneyland saw a sizeable expansion with the addition of these new attractions. The Monorail, Submarines, and Matterhorn all debuted on the same day. To celebrate this milestone for these three attractions, the Disneyland Resort invited some members of the media to come experience and celebrate the 60 years of magic they bring.

To make the celebration even more special, a member of the Walt Disney Archives was on hand to share about the history of these three iconic Disneyland originals and then experience them. Matt Moryc was a treasure trove of information as he talked about the inception and development of the Matterhorn, Monorail, and Submarines. He also shared about how things developed and changed on them through the years. The information was wonderful to hear and learn and can be seen in the following video.

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As part of the 60th anniversary of these three attractions, DAPS MAGIC did a look at each one of them. Check them out here:

At the attractions, cast members stood with photo signs to celebrate the special occasion. There was also a photo location near the Matterhorn with a Disney Photopass cast member on hand to take photos. For those interested in merchandise, there were pins, tumblers, hats, and t-shirts on sale to celebrate the day.

The addition of the Matterhorn, Monorail, and Submarines was a pretty substantial change for Disneyland. It was the largest expansion that Disneyland had seen since opening in 1955. 60 years later, Disneyland has a new largest expansion. It is interesting to think back about what Disneyland guests must have been thinking as these new attractions were unveiled in the context of that.

Full Event Coverage of 60th Anniversary of Monorail, Submarines, and Matterhorn at Disneyland

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