Monorail Matterhorn Submarines Disneyland

Pictorial: 5 Attraction Anniversaries at Disneyland

June 14th is a big day for attraction openings at Disneyland. Today five attractions celebrated anniversaries. The Matterhorn, submarines, and Monorail all celebrated their 65th anniversary. The year before, Alice in Wonderland and Sailing Ship Columbia opened at Disneyland as well.

65 and 66 years later, Daps Magic team member Steven stopped by Disneyland to see all of these attractions on their opening day in 2024. He stopped by the Matterhorn, submarines, Monorail, Sailing Ship Columbia, and Alice in Wonderland on their anniversary date. Below are photos of each of these attractions as they look on their anniversary.




Sailing Ship Columbia

Alice in Wonderland

The 65th anniversary of Monorail, submarines, and Matterhorn were also commemorated in the newest episode of Daps Magic (the Podcast) and in a post about the history of the Matterhorn.

Which of these attractions is your favorite? What do you like about each of these? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!