Disneyland Magic Key

Former Disneyland Dream Key Holders Can Now Claim Settlement Payment

In a follow up to the Notice of Upcoming Settlement Payment email received by former Disneyland Magic Key Dream Key Holders, those who received an email regarding the settlement payment should have received an email that allows one to claim their settlement payment.

The email states, “Pursuant to the terms of the settlement in the matter entitled Disney Dream Key Settlement, Case No. 8:21-cv-02055-DOC-ADS, you are eligible to receive a payment of $65.67. Please click the Claim Payment button below. You will then be rdirected to our digital payment portal, where you can select how you’d like to receive your payment. Please claim your payment promptly. It is available until September 12, 2024. Additional details about this matter are available at www.DreamKeySettlement.com or by contacting us via one of the following methods: Toll-free 1-877-894-4029. Email: info@DreamKeySettlement.com. Mail: Disney Dream Key Settlement – Administrator, P.O. Box 2318, Portland, OR 97208-2318.”

Those who have claimed their settlement payment have said the process to claim the payment was super easy. Four payment options are available to process payment – Venmo, PayPal, direct deposit through your bank, or a paper check to be mailed. Those who requested payment Friday, June 14 should receive their payment by Tuesday, June 25.

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