Parking Structure with Pedestrian Bridge Concept Art

Disneyland Resort Releases New Concept Art for New Parking Structure and Pedestrian Bridge

The Disneyland Resort continues work on its new parking structure. Located right next to the Mickey and Friends parking structure, this lot will add an addition 6,500 parking spots for Disneyland Resort guests. For guests regularly parking at the Mickey and Friends parking structure, seeing this new structure take form has been a regular occurrence. It has been going up very quickly.

The Disney Parks Blog released a progress report on the new structure. As announced earlier, it is expected to open in 2019. The newest update also shared that when it does open, it will also include a pedestrian bridge. This bridge will span over Magic Way. This will allow guests to wander over from the parking structures to the Downtown Disney District. This will allow them then to head into the parks as well.

Along with more parking spots, this new structure will allow a 60% lane increase for entering. This should significantly speed up the parking process. A new tram loading area also should help expedite the program. All of these efforts are aimed at increasing the efficiency of guests parking and getting into the parks!

What do you think of this new concept art? How about the new parking structure? What do you think they should name it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!