Photo Report: Extreme Heat Chases Away Crowds at Disneyland

An extreme heat wave has come across Southern California. With it, temperatures reached new records in the Southland. At Disneyland, the temperature reached 114 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday. The heat brought about attraction closures and the Pixar Play Parade was canceled. It also chased away the crowds that so often fill the Disneyland Resort during the summer. DAPS MAGIC team member Caitlyn visited the park during the day and took the following photos.

In the evening, the Together Forever multimedia fireworks show was delayed. When it finally did begin, the fireworks were only present for part of the show.

For the DAPS MAGIC team, the night ended with the final set of the 2018 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band. Still, 96 degrees, the band performed despite the heat. During the Tower of Power medley, the band ended up serenading Drew Carey who happened to stop by for the show. While the weather was hot, the spirits of those who were still at Disneyland were remarkably high.


Where do you go when it is hot at the Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments. Read DAPS MAGIC’s tips for doing Disneyland when it is hot here.

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