Knott's Berry Farm - Ghost Town Alive

Spend Your Summer with the Colorful Characters of Ghost Town Alive! at Knott’s Berry Farm until September 3

This Summer, you can make all-new memories with the residents of Calico at Knott’s Berry Farm in Ghost Town Alive! until September 3. We were able to step foot into the 1800s as part of the opening weekend, and it was truly an event not to miss!


The moment you step into what once was a ghost town, the streets around you come alive! We weren’t there for the beginning of the festivities, but locals quickly filled us in on the new faces in town that they were worried about. As we watched the story play out in front of us, we were quickly recruited for a bank robbery that would be happening about an hour from then. The postman swore us to secrecy and set a meeting time for us. While we were content with simply wandering the rest of the town, we were asked to help with a delivery. The most exciting and surprising thing about our entire experience was how truly interactive it was. We went from being comfortable bystanders to living pieces of the story as it pushed forward! To see both ways we helped the citizens, check out our video below!


Every night, Ghost Town Alive! closes with an entertaining hoedown! The residents of Calico all join in to have a hoedown and celebrate Founders’ Day. As it would be, the guests who have spent the day helping the town are invited to dance with their new friends, and even get to learn a new dance or two! In between songs, guests get closure on the storylines from the end of the day, and its a perfect end to a wild day in Calico!


Along with Ghost Town Alive! Knott’s Berry Farm is offering some fantastic summer entertainment that will surely help beat the heat and get you off your feet! The first is Beach Blanket Beagle, offered in the Charles M. Schulz Theater. A fun tribute to the 60sa surf culture, it will leave you wondering how the gang saves the beach. Also, everyone’s favorite beagle Snoopy, makes a few appearances in ways you’ve never seen him before!

Ending out the operating day at Knott’s is the Calico Mountain Jamboree! This show takes popular music, acrobatics and fireworks and combines them in totally unexpected ways! This show is the perfect end to the night, and will leave you in awe! Check out videos of both shows below!

What do you think of summer at Knott’s Berry Farm? Are you excited to experience it for yourself? Let us know!