3 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate the Peanuts at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is celebrating the Peanuts!  On weekends from January 27 – February 25 the Peanuts Celebration has taken over the park.  Here are 3 reasons why this is a time to visit!

Peanuts Decorations

Camp Snoopy always has a great Peanuts theme to it, but throughout the park there are decorations that pay homage to Charlie Brown and the gang.  Right as you enter through the gates there are a few special backdrops for photos.  They look like they leaped off the comic strip page!  Then there are some subtle things like many kites stuck in the trees, which pay tribute to Charlie Brown’s endless attempts at flying them.  Bunting, banners, and special signs are scattered throughout each area of the park, from Ghost Town to Boardwalk.

Ghost Town has a special stable themed to Pig Pen.  It’s also his debut in the park itself!  He’s there from time to time for photos next to a great backdrop.  Across from that is a pen full of piglets.  It was definitely the hit of the stable and even the day!

Over in Camp Snoopy, the Grand Sierra Railroad has a seasonal makeover of the Beagle Bonanza where Snoopy and his family have taken over.  If you’ve been on the ride before you know that it always has glimpses of the Peanuts characters.  But, now there’s even more with this theme!

In all, it’s great to just walk around and see everything decked out in a Peanuts theme.  I loved the word bubble signs that had quotable lines from both the comic strip and cartoons.  As a Peanuts fan, it’s nice that the park has this much to see of Snoopy and the gang.


Knott’s always has great entertainment.  During this seasonal event, there is even more!  It’s especially catering to families with kids because of the Peanuts-centered shows.

Camp Snoopy has a great show with Charlie Brown and Lucy where they learn how to have a balance of life.  It’s even interactive as kids are encouraged to get up and follow along with some cheers.

On the Calico Stage is The Music Goes Round and Round during the daytime.  Sally needs help writing a report about music.  Schroeder, Snoopy, and a couple of friends are on hand to go through some musical history.  It’s a nice stop in the day for a fun musical show with some great characters.

At the Bird Cage Theater, there is a Sketch School with a real artist.  He goes through how to draw some of the Peanuts characters, like Charlie Brown and Linus.  After is a showing of a classic Peanuts cartoon.  It’s a wonderful presentation that lets kids get up front to learn drawing.  And, I appreciate the showing of a classic Snoopy toon.

In Calico Plaza are periodic cowboy contests like a horse race and pie toss.  It’s for kids to participate with a couple of Peanuts characters in a fun environment.

Lucy and Sally’s Fiesta Fantasy displays some traditional Mexican dances on the Fiesta Stage.  It also encourages kids to participate and learn some dances too.

At night, Woodstock’s Music Festival has The Jelly of the Month Club perform a live concert with some kid-friendly songs.  Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Snoopy are all road crew for the band and periodically come on stage for some songs.  My favorite was the song about Dolphins that had some great jokes between a puppet dolphin and Snoopy.  It’s definitely a show not to be missed and something to stick around for.


One of the things I think about with Knott’s is food!  The food is excellent!  For the Peanuts Celebration, it has some tasty treats to go through.

Charlie Brownies feature the signature stripe from the main character.  A Marshmallow Pop does the same, as well as Cotton Candy, a cupcake, and Krispy square.  There are Snoopy cupcakes and a peanut butter raspberry mousse cupcake (my personal favorite).  Peanut Butter funnel cake has strawberries with it making it like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  A white chocolate dipped frozen banana features the Charlie Brown colors, and a dipped strawberry does too.  White chocolate peanut butter raspberry bundt cake looks like a meal in itself.  Rounding it all out are cookies, peanut butter moon pie, fruit loops crisp bar, and chocolate dipped apples!  It will take a couple days just to get through all this food!  And they are all excellent!  If you couldn’t see, the theme is peanuts as it is a Peanuts Celebration, so just beware of allergies.


Knott’s festivals are fun and delicious.  This celebration is no exception.  It’s easy to spend a day just seeing the shows and eating the treats.  Just like they’re other events I would suggest a couple days to spend.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and others are classic characters that bring smiles to so many faces.  Having a time dedicated to the crew brings a smile to my face, and I know it will bring smiles to anyone else.  The shows take advantage of the characters, but also bring some education for kids.  Be sure to plan a trip before the celebration is done!

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