Star Tours – The Adventures Continue With New Adventures – Review

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue has added new adventures to this Star Wars attraction at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The new adventures were introduced at both parks on November 17th ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s release in December. Mr. DAPs and Murray journeyed into Disneyland to climb aboard a Starspeeder and experience the newest incarnation of Star Tours. To read about the new adventures and the review, please scroll down past the break. If you don’t want any spoilers, stop here. Just know this: This is a wonderful new set of additions to this attraction and is definitely worth experiencing!

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue - Poster
Star Tours – The Adventures Continue – Poster

To start off with, if you are still reading… THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! If you don’t want any, don’t read any further. This review is compiled from riding Star Tours – The Adventures Continue twice on opening morning. While both trips were very similar, there was one difference.

Opening Scene

The opening scene began in the hanger of a space station/dock. As the scene came up and the Starspeeder began to depart my first thought was “well this isn’t different.” However, this changed moments later when Kylo Ren floated in front of the Starspeeder. While this was very similar to the previous opening with Darth Vader, there were some difference. For one, Kylo Ren. Two, there were troops of the First Order, along with Tie Fighters with the First Order paint jobs. The sequence for the most part is the same with Kylo Ren threatening the power of the Dark Side, R2-D2 firing the Starspeeder’s blasters at him, and the reverse departure out of the space station. Instead of the Imperial star destroyers outside the space station, there was now the star destroyers of the First Order’s fleet. Moments later, just like before, the Starspeeder blasted off into lightspeed!

DAPs Magic reader Jeff informs us that there is also a Millennium Falcon version of the opener as well. It takes place during the First Order era and is similar to the original one. 

This was a fun opening sequence that was similar, but different. The addition of the First Order and Kylo Ren really was a pleasant surprise that fit surprisingly well. Getting to see the First Order ships also added extra dimension to the experience as it was more new things to look at on the attraction. Finally, there were a couple of storm troopers with Kylo Ren that added to making the experience even MORE awesome!


The first stop in the current ride sequence is Jakku. This happened on both trips on Star Tours so this is probably the main sequence that will be shown for the foreseeable future. It connects everything with the newest trilogy of Star Wars that began with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This part of the sequence is the one that was released for The Force Awakens with Finn piloting the Millennium Falcon. Nothing has changed here and it is a fun little adventure through dead star destroyers and the desert of Jakku.

This is a fun sequence, even if it is weird seeing Finn flying the Falcon. The inclusion of it in this current adventure made a nice cohesive experience that focuses on the newest Star Wars Skywalker saga trilogy. 

The Transmission

The transmission from the Resistance was where things really started getting interesting. The first trip, BB-8 was the one making the transmission and assigning the mission that R2-D2 implements. It is a cute interaction as BB-8 and R2 basically have a conversation against C-3P0’s will about the mission. This leads to R2 taking the Starspeeder on the mission. The second time, Poe Dameron was the one making the transmission! This was really awesome as he was both cocky and witty. He explains that he is sending the mission and it might not exactly be sanctioned. It was a very fun moment that quickly became a favorite part of the attraction!

From Reader Ren: I got Maz Kanata! She was in the middle of a battle, shooting a blaster. She messed with her glasses (like in the movie when she is focusing her glasses on Finn) and then (with the help of 3D effects) reaches out and points directly at you and tells you that you can make a difference and that the resistance needs you. it was actually really cool, and VERY unexpected!

While some versions of the transmission are serious, both versions experienced on opening day were witty and fun. It created the feel of an adventure comedy and garnered quite a few laughs, especially the version with Poe. Both of these transmissions were enjoyable but Poe’s is definitely my new favorite by far! I also was not expecting to see him there so it added even more to the experience! 


After receiving the mission and jumping to lightspeed, Star Tours arrives on the planet Crait. This is a planet that is full of surprises. After being attacked by the First Order, the Starspeeder descends into a cave with ruby colored crystals everywhere. The First Order blasts these to bits as they chase the Starspeeder. Finally, C-3P0 crashes through one a wall made of crystals and the ship finds itself in the midst of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. It is the scene that has been seen on posters and in trailers. The Resistance is attacking the First Order walkers in ships that drag up red dirt/dust. Poe Dameron welcomes Star Tours to the fight in the side monitor. General Hux also appears in the side monitor during the course of the battle and orders to have the ship eliminated. Finally, R2-D2 fires at a walker and destroys it. Dameron gives congratulations to Star Tours before the ship jumps to lightspeed and safety.

This will quickly become a favorite sequence for many guests who ride this attraction. It is full of movement, story, action, and makes really good use of the ride system’s effects. It definitely had some surprises as well which made it even more fun! This will be a location that I hope to visit multiple times in the future. 


The final destination for this sequence of on Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is Batuu. This is a planet in the outer rim that will be the home of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019. As the Starspeeder comes in for a landing, C-3P0 comments on how this will be a safe place. He also comments on how the adventure is just beginning. As the screen closes, a small flying droid appears to be looking in the front window and C-3P0 indignantly asks what he is looking at.

Batuu is a place I am really looking forward to exploring and experiencing in 2019. However, for the mean time it is an excellent addition to Star Tours that also connects this classic Star Wars attraction with the future Star Wars land. While just a portion of Batuu is seen as the ship lands, it is enough to really ignite ones imagination and anticipation. It is a brilliant move to connect the two Star Wars offerings in the Disney Parks. It also makes me wonder if perhaps Star Tours will stick around after the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I sure hope so! There are so many possibilities! 

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue now has a sequence that connects it with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This change also adds more options for guests to experience when it returns to its regularly randomized voyages. This new set of sequences are definitely worth experiencing and fantastic additions to the attraction. Make sure and catch them as soon as you possibly can!

What did you think of Star Tours – The Adventure Continue with these new additions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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