Happy 89th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

One of my earliest memories is with Mickey Mouse.  But, it doesn’t have to do with the parks.

Down the street from me was a video rental store.  Yeah, that’s how old I am.  Anyway, it was next to a grocery store and after my mom and I shopped for food we’d go to the video store.  I could pick out any video, but the one I would go back to every other time was a compilation of Mickey Mouse shorts.  I can still remember seeing that white box with a picture of Magician Mickey on the cover.  I would go right for it and so happily bring it up to the counter for my mom to pay for.

There were quite a few Disney shorts on this compilation, but I remember Magician Mickey the most.  It’s a very humorous cartoon where Mickey is a stage magician.  Donald Duck heckles him and eventually becomes part of the act.  It made such an impression on me and had me impressed with Mickey himself.

I was in preschool at the time (yes, I have that kind of memory).  My friends and I at preschool would be Disney characters on the playground.  I was always Mickey, because he was the leader and a magician!  I also can’t believe my young friends let me be the leader of the club.

I share this story because it Mickey Mouse has left a huge impression on my life.  And I’m not the only one.  He’s been leaving impressions on people for 89 years now!  Pretty good for a mouse.  And Magician Mickey isn’t just a run of the mill cartoon.  It serves as inspiration for the setting of an attraction at Magic Kingdom.  Magician Mickey is introducing himself to families even today.  I got to witness my niece, same age as I was seeing Magician Mickey for the first time, have a blast with a real life Magician Mickey in Walt Disney World.  It was truly magical!

So, happy birthday Mickey Mouse!  After 89 years you are still as magical as ever!  Thanks for instilling some magic in my life at a young age, and for still doing it now.