Finding New Traditions with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – Spoiler-Free Review

When Anna and Elsa go to celebrate their first real holiday together, they realize that because they have spent their entire lives separated, they have no family traditions! Olaf, being the trusted companion he longs to be, goes off an a kingdom wide search for a new tradition to share as a family.

The short is a beautiful story that keeps our hearts warm in such cold weather. When the first “Frozen” came out, I was enamored with the beautiful animation and story of family love prevailing. This short captures the same emotions that the first film generated, and then some. It is a perfect set-up into “Coco” as it tells the story of family traditions and spending the time with people we love most.

I was wary of this short, as much of “Frozen” has become oversaturated, and at times characters and stories have felt like caricatures of the original. “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” has the heart and soul that made everyone fall in love with the brand and deepens the story in a way that will set up “Frozen 2” for even more success.

Have you seen the new short before “Coco”? What did you think?