2018 Disneyland runDisney Races No Longer Listed on Site

disneyland rundisney racesCancellations

It appears that the listings for Disneyland runDisney races for 2018 have disappeared. Gone are the event pages on rundisney.com, and there have been tweets that people are being refunded for their Star Wars Light Side Race early registration that was scheduled for January.  On the contrary, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris races are still available on the site.

No official word from runDisney has been given as to why these have been cancelled.  We are unsure if they will return in 2019, or if some of the later 2018 races will re-appear.

Recent Changes

Recently, races have switched in some ways. Previously, many volunteers were able to help with race support. But now, runDisney is utilizing paid staff for race operations. It’s believed from some that changes like these and construction at the resort have been some reasons for cancellations for 2018.  But, these are speculations and not official reports from runDisney.

It’s best to keep checking runDisney.com to see if any races will return, but for now, it seems as if the Star Wars Light Side will not be happening in January 2018. We hope to see runDisney races return to the Disneyland Resort in the near future.


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