Sunday Spotlight: Fantasmic! Then and Now

Fantasmic! has now returned to the Disneyland Resort. This re-imagining of Mickey’s imagination has become an instant classic. This new version is similar yet different from the original. With enhanced effects and some tweaks to the storyline, this takes fans to a whole new Fantasmic! world. For today’s Sunday Spotlight I thought it would be fun to share the final performance of the original. Then I thought I would show the first performance of the new version. Both shows are incredibly magical. Both shows have their absolutely beautiful moments. As I watch both of them it’s definitely hard to compare one with the other. They are both magical in their own way. What do you like about each?

Final Performance of Original Fantasmic!
First Performance of Fantasmic! 2.0

What are your favorite moments of each version of this show? Let us know in the comments section below!

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