Captain America is Hydra – What Does This Mean For the Movies?

Today, Marvel Comics debuted a new Captain America series returning Steve Rogers to the mantle.

Wait, hasn’t Steve always been Cap?  Not recently.  The Super Soldier serum was taken out of him and aged to his rightful age.  Sam Wilson, Falcon, became Cap.  In a very recent Avengers storyline, Zemo (from recent Civil War film) tried to manipulate a cosmic cube that became a sentient being named Kobik.  Kobik restored Cap’s powers and he went back to looking younger.

Captain_America_Steve_Rogers_1_CoverWith Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 we find out something more: Steve Rogers has been a double agent working for Hydra all along!

His mother was recruited first, and at the end of the issue we find him saying “Hail Hydra!”  But, what does this all mean, and especially for the movie franchise.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is separate from the comics.  Though it shares similar stories, it’s not always going to follow the comics.  The likelihood of Captain America becoming Hydra is not going to be anything coming up soon.  But, is it on the table?  Perhaps.  The story in the comics is very fresh, and though there’s a lot of planning and thought with it, there’s no way to know how this will end up.  Not knowing now what will happen, if the story proves to be a very good one, it may be a good plot for a film.

With the comic being very fresh, and only the last panel revealing Cap as a Hydra Agent, there’s a lot that can happen.  Fans and others are up in arms, but I don’t think there’s a reason to.  For one thing, Kobik was connected to Zemo.  Could Kobik have manipulated Cap?  It’s possible.  Is this an entirely different Steve Rogers?  Also possible.  That’s not too far fetched also considering there was that world revealed in the recent Secret Wars.  Is there a trick that we didn’t see?  Also possible.  There are so many possibilities it’s hard to tell what is true and what is not.

All that to say, time will tell how this will play out and if it is the right story to tell in movies.  For now, the shock value has people rushing to buy these issues.  I did, and I rarely get a Captain America comic.  So, go grab it as soon as possible because it could very well be a collector’s item.  And keep reading to find out what happens to good ol’ Steve.



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  1. Honestly I think this is one of the worst moves Marvel’s pulled in a while. Do we know why they did it? No. Is it possible this was all for shock factor? Yes. Does that matter? No not really – why they did it shouldn’t matter. What matters is they did it, and it’s a mistake. And if they decide to make it canon to MCU (which I highly doubt) I’d like to say it’d be equivalent to shooting themselves in the foot. Though with the huge amount of people that brush off this development due to whatever’s reasons the writers may have – it might not be as big a blow as it should be.

    To make Steve Rogers a HYDRA Agent – to make Captain America who was created by Jewish writers for Jewish America as a reaction against WWII and the Holocaust, a Nazi Sympathizer at best and a full blown Nazi at worst? That’s like giving Batman a gun, or having him run around murdering couples and orphaning children. But so much worse. It’s like saying Indiana Jones was secretly a Nazi the whole time or Luke Skywalker was just waiting to finish what his father – as Lord Vader – started. These are things that don’t mesh, and should never be even considered. I don’t care what kind of shock factor the writers intended, and I don’t care that the plot lines in the comics are often off the wall and later retconned because of runaway writers. That is not the point, and should never be the point. Once the phrase “Hail HYDRA” reached meme levels Marvel decided that it’d be a good idea to romanticize and glorify HYDRA. Staff members are seen in official photos wearing HYDRA merchandise, thousands of people daily recite the phrase “Hail HYDRA!” and getting HYDRA merchandise and tattoos. This organization that isn’t just a direct parallel to the Nazis like so many villainous groups in media are – but they actually ARE Nazis. Captain America’s first ever appearance was on the cover of his first issue punching Hitler. It’s bad enough Marvel is trying to capitalize on THE ATTEMPTED GENOCIDE OF AN ENTIRE PEOPLE but now they’re trying to drag Cap in to this? Rewrite his entire history that was made in a time where punching Hitler on the cover of his comic caused the writers to decide death threats – to say he willingly operates as an agent of HYDRA? It’s insensitive not only to the Captain himself, not only to his creators – but it’s also insensitive to the people Steve Rogers represents and has defended for over 75 years. If anyone is still with me I urge you NOT to purchase any of the Captain America: Steve Rogers comic arc. This is unacceptable and Marvel needs to know it.

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