Was the Plot of Falcon and The Winter Soldier Just Revealed?

Today, D23 has continued their Fantastic Worlds Celebration with a tribute to Captain America, called Marvel Celebrates 80 Years of Captain America.

First, this was a wonderful panel between Marvel Editor-In-Chief, CB Cebulski, and the Executive Editor of Captain America comics, Tom Brevoort.  They really went in-depth with not just the comics history of Captain America but even some of the other media that Cap appeared in.  There were many little trivia facts that are fascinating about what makes Captain America and Steve Rogers a character that is still able to be around today.  It did confirm, from a Marvel Comics standpoint, that Winter Soldier is the best Marvel Studios film, which is my personal opinion as well.

One interesting little bit of information at the very end of the panel was about the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier series to premiere on Disney+.  It’s been rumored a bit, but even more seems revealed now: it’s about who takes on Captain America’s legacy.  Brevoort eludes to how a few times in the comics Steve Rogers gives up the mantle and another, including Bucky and Falcon, takes it up.  A third character, John Walker, has been said to be in the show.  He also had taken up the guise of Captain America and then US Agent.  Brevoort basically says The Falcon and Winter Soldier picks up after Endgame over who is supposed to be Captain America.  “Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe who will take up the shield?” is what is said by Brevoort.  How this exactly plays out is still unknown.  Is it Falcon and Winter Soldier vs. US Agent?  Is it all three against each other?  It’s hard to tell.  It also seems like it is the two against one since Bucky seemed fine with Sam Wilson taking up the shield.

Either way, this was very interesting to have revealed at the end of the panel!  It surprised me to hear that they would give this small tidbit for a series in a tribute panel.  I highly recommend watching the whole panel and certainly staying tuned until the end to hear this information.


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