Disney California Adventure – 15th Anniversary – Part 3: Hyperion Theater

As we continue along a history of the park we stop at one of the buildings that opened with the park: Hyperion Theater.  This theater has had three shows in its time so far.

Steps In Time

The very short lived opening year show called Steps In Time featured three main characters: two kids who were brothers and a fairy godmother named Vera.  The trio went through various Disney tunes and dance numbers in order to have one of the kids see the value of dreams.  The production had a modern vibe to it, perhaps to update classic Disney movie music to the current generation.

Though it had some good music, the show had faults that had it performed for only 9 months.

The Power of BLAST!

Following the short lived Steps In Time, Power of Blast premiered in November of 2001.  Though it was new to the park, this show was an adaptation of a Broadway show, as well as a featured show in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Drumlines and brass musicians were choreographed to the the music they played.  Sets would be just as lavish as the musical numbers.  The show was 30 minutes long (one of the longer performances at the Resort back in the day).

Though it was very popular, the show only lasted for 9 months, and exited the theater in 2002.

Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular

One of the most popular productions at the Disneyland Resort, Aladdin opened in January 2003 and had its last in January of 2016.  It’s 13 year run was almost ended prematurely to make way for a Toy Story Musical.  But, because of popular demand the show continued on.

Based on the animated film from 1992, a song was written for the production: To Be Free, sung by Jasmine.  Most of the characters translated to the stage production with the exception of Abu.  The star of the show throughout its run was the Genie.  Able to have jokes off of current events, he stole the show every time.

This stage production gave way to the Broadway production that has received a couple of awards including a Tony.

As time goes on for the theater, the shows and productions it has become more and more popular (also longer and longer).  Will the new show based on Frozen prove to be as popular as those before it?  We will have to see.  But, it’s clear that Hyperion Theater is a lasting place at Disney California Adventure where many can see the magic of Disney on stage.