2015 Disney Stories Countdown #3 – Disneyland’s 60th

This year was full of big events for Disney, and one of the most anticipated was Disneyland’s 60th anniversary.  This diamond studded celebration kicked off officially in May, and will be going well into the next year.  The main two days for it took place in 2015, though.

24 Hour Day

To get the festivities started, Disneyland hosted a 24 hour day at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.  May 22 was also the premier of 3 different nighttime shows.  World of Color: Celebrate opened in DCA, while Disneyland Forever and Paint the Night started over in Disneyland.  Unveiled for the anniversary was the diamond decorated Sleeping Beauty Castle and Carthay Circle restaurant.

Also over in DCA, the Mad T Party Diamond Edition started up for huge crowds again, and the Red Car Newsboys show and Five and Dime got updates to their shows.  Many attended this huge celebration as Disneyland closed to new guests in the afternoon and didn’t reopen until 3 am.  It was an enormous day for all that attended, but this wasn’t the last day for special festivities…

Disneyland-60th-Anniversary-Celebration-Disneyland-Forever-6July 17

The actual anniversary day had many in attendance like the 24 hour day.  Both parks celebrated on this momentous occasion.  Disneyland, of course, hosted most of it.  Guests were encouraged to dress in 50’s style clothing for a nostalgic feel.  Special photo locations were put up around the parks with backdrops of the past.

The morning had one of the grandest of celebrations in the form of a ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  Michael Colglazier hosted and honored many special guests, like a few Disney Legends.  The ceremony ended with Richard Sherman playing piano for Ashley Brown to sing Feed The Birds.  It was a special moment for all who watched.

This wasn’t the only ceremonies and shows to be had.  The new style of the Disneyland Band debuted on the anniversary day as well, which made for a grander show in the middle of the day.  A pre-parade honoring past cast members strolled down Main Street.  The Disney hotels had special moments to celebrate the anniversary day.  Cupcakes were given out throughout the parks and hotels to guests.  Special band performances were featured on Buena Vista Street and at Tomorrowland Terrace.

The 60th anniversary is unlike any other celebration, and has proven to be one of the biggest of Disneyland’s history.  With lots of giveaways, tons of donations, and special fun everyday, it’s one of the most memorable events and stories of 2015!

Come back to find out what the last two big stories of the year were!  And see below for our coverage of the 60th anniversary of Disneyland!

Disneyland 60th Coverage


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