Teen Beach 2 DVD

Teen Beach 2 – DVD Review

Teen Beach 2 DVD
Teen Beach 2

Brady and Mack face the beginning of the school year after the end of a magical summer in the Disney channel original movie Teen Beach 2. While their summer romance had the couple head over heels for each other, the realities of school cliques and different interests cause resentment between the two which may end in heartbreak. Mack actively pursues college with education fairs and environmental clubs while Brady remains with surf boards as his passion and feels abandoned by Mack. Just when all hope seems lost for Mack and Brady, the cast from “Wet Side Story” washes up and turns their world upside down as they experience the modern world for the first time. Brady and Mack must find a way to return the cast home before chaos ensues and save their relationship in the process. Teen Beach 2 is bursting with dance numbers and original songs geared toward a middle school or high school aged audience.

Picture and Sound:

The sound and visual quality of the movie was adequate but not stunning. While nothing was noticeably negative about the quality of the sound, some enhancement would have benefited the movie as it is mainly musical.


The musical numbers were a combination of pop music and a little 60’s flair. They were cute and peppy but most were not very memorable. A duet between Mack and Brady and a song highlighting the need for the “Wet Side Story” cast to return to their movie were exceptions to this. They were entertaining and had lasting value.

Bonus Features:

The DVD offered only one bonus feature titled, “Case Dance Rehearsals.” This feature offered insight into the favorite dance routines and practice which went into the film and was informative and not too lengthy. While more features would have been appreciated, the one included one the film was well done. The DVD also included a free “Lela’s Friendship Necklace” which is a nice touch.

Final Thoughts:

Teen Beach 2 seems like Disney channel’s newest rendition of High School Musical and is very predictable in that sense. There is not much of a plot but rather lots of bouncy dance numbers and songs. The characters mirror those of High School Musical closely, down to a science and scholastic focused female lead with her less scholastically focused counterpart. That being said, the characters of Lela and Tanner added some fresh life to the film and provide some much-needed variety to the scenes. Teen Beach 2 is geared toward a limited audience ranging from middle school to high school aged students but offers a positive message of empowerment and being true to yourself which this age group can benefit from.

1 thought on “Teen Beach 2 – DVD Review”

  1. I couldn’t wait for this to come out, but was left disappointed after I watched it. The songs were definitely not as catchy as first movie and it felt like they cheated a bit by doing remastered versions of songs from the first movie, such as “Falling for Ya.” I did love “On My Own” and “Gotta Be Me.” I did find myself enjoying both the music and movie more the second time I watched it. The only thing that still bugs me, is the message they try too hard to get across and not a fan of the ending. Overall, I think my disappointment comes from my high expectations I originally set for it. In the end, I find myself loving the movie more than I realize because I bought the soundtrack yesterday.

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