Netflix and Marvel’s Defenders Reveals More on Release Times

jessicajonesAccording to several sources, Netflix president Ted Sarandos has said that seasons of Netflix produced Marvel series like Daredevil will be premiering fairly regularly over the next few years.  A new season will premier every six months.  It was even said that the next series, AKA Jessica Jones, will be out by the end of the year.

A Defenders mini-series is speculated to be out sometime in 2017.  Sarandos even went on to say that it’s not just a new series from the Defenders group that will be out every six months.  It’s possible to have another season from a character, such as the already announced Daredevil second season.  He hinted at the possibility of spinoffs from the currently announced series, such as a Punisher season or movie.

It’s exciting to see this side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe get fleshed out more.  It’s a different take than Agents of SHIELD and should prove to go over well on the Netflix platform.  Nothing is confirmed out of these, but it seems promising that one season is not enough for many of these characters.

Would you want to see a Punisher series?  What other characters from the Defenders group would you want to see spinoff?


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