An Inside Look at “Inside Out”

In the age where Hollywood is stuck in a rut of remakes and sequels, a little city about an hour north of me called Emeryville, created quite a bit of buzz for one of the most original and creative films I’ve ever seen. “Inside Out” is truly a wonderful and unique movie that everyone of all ages will enjoy. It’s brilliance and ingenuity make it stand out as an instant classic! Now, I’m not going to give any spoilers, but it does tug at your emotions. I, personally, would recommend bringing tissues.

The story is so well done, as it has quite a bit of unpredictability, and the ending took me by surprise! I loved the fact that I was able to go into this movie and not know what to expect, really. The design of “Inside Out” though, is spectacular! I got lost in the details and beauty of all aspects of Riley’s mind. The animators at Pixar are amazing at their craft. The different parts of the mind are all so unique and fun, and may have a hidden Easter egg here and there. I loved some of the cute play on words they used for different names in the mind. What amazed me in the animation, was how the emotions looked like figments of animation on the big screen. It’s hard to describe, but they have these little particles around them that give a non-human glow that was really mesmerizing to look at!

Oh boy, and those characters, what an entertaining group! While Joy and Sadness are the main characters, I have to say that I loved Anger! He is absolutely hilarious! Bing Bong is another favorite because he’s Bing Bong and he’s awesome! And, the fact that he smells like cotton candy is pretty fantastic. I think it’s a rite of Pixar passage that big, fluffy characters smell sweet. Remember Lotso Huggin’ Bear smelling like strawberries?

With all that being said, “Inside Out” is a perfect family film that everyone will enjoy. I hope to see it again soon, as I loved and adored this creative movie.

OH! The short beforehand, “LAVA”, will tug at your heartstrings as well. It’s an adorable tale about a volcano who wants nothing more than “someone to LAVA”.

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