Voice of Popular Cartoon Characters, Christine Cavanaugh, Passes Away

cavanaughYou wouldn’t recognize her from the roles that are famous.  But, you’d recognize her voice.  Christine Cavanaugh has passed away on December 22, 2014.  Roles she is most known for are Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck, and Chuckie from Rugrats.  These characters have been distinct and unmistakable with the sound of their voices.  Christine Cavanaugh brought life to them.

GosalynWe often think of actors that we actually see on screen as being most famous, but these cartoon creations are often just as famous.  Yet, the voice talents that bring much characterization go unnoticed.  It’s sad to hear that another talent like Cavanaugh is gone, but her legacy goes on much stronger than some other talents in tv and film.  Many will hear her even in imagining the cartoons when looking at a picture or being reminded of the shows and movies.  The characters that she made famous will go on for her.

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