Disney’s DuckTales Has Just Blown Away SDCC With the Disney Afternoon Cinematic Universe

The San Diego Comic-Con DuckTales panel is currently winning the convention with huge announcements for the upcoming third season of the cartoon.

First, there is the second season that needs to wrap up.  A trailer showcased what is still to come which is an epic showdown with the armies of the moon, the debut of the new version of Bubba Duck and Tootsie, a battle between Scrooge’s enemies and the group, and some kind of team-up between Darkwing Duck and GizmoDuck.

If that wasn’t enough there were several character designs that show a sort-of Disney Afternoon Cinematic Universe.

DUCKTALES – Key Art. (Disney Channel)

We already have Darkwing Duck making a few appearances in the show, but the third season will have Gosalyn and Taurus Bulba making appearances!  A couple of main Disney characters that will have their new version small screen premier is Daisy Duck and Goofy.  However, Goofy is not just any old version of Goofy.  It will be Goof Troop Spoonerville Goofy making an appearance in the show!

The cast and crew of the popular television series weren’t finished with just those characters!  They showcased designs for Genie from DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, Kit and Molly as grown-up versions of themselves from Tale Spin, the whole Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers gang, and forms of a couple of Wuzzles – Butterbear and Rhinokey!!

If you think that had too many exclamation points, that was probably not enough.  This is an unprecedented amount of characters that have been in one Disney series.  Even though this is not the exact same “universe” as each of the original Disney Afternoon and Disney Channel shows, it now means that much of our childhood ponderings of the shows being connected is confirmed in some way.

The DuckTales production crew hasn’t said exactly how the characters will be included in the show.  Many have been hoping for a Darkwing Duck spin-off revival because of the popular character’s many appearances already.  Now many are hoping this will all explode into a full Disney Afternoon revival.  And the potential of what is being called the Disney Afternooniverse means exponential adventure and interaction between all!  Below are some tweets some have taken from the panel: